Technical support

B GROUP is committed to providing full service for our customers including technical support and advisory for each segment provided at our company services. 

For reinforcement production and products our support starts from reading of constructional drawings, support of engineering solutions, calculation of project costs, suggestions of alternative calculations and alternative products, together with inspection on site, or adding our experience at cost effective supplies management.

For flat steel service we cover up reading from drawings, scanning of elements and making work drawings, calculation of material exceed, designing of product, exact measurement of finished product,  and testing of its mechanical properties. 

For raw material supplies we open our know-how of European and Eurasian metallurgical segment and advise on supply chain management,  specialty of every and each mill’s ability, logistics possibilities and representation of customer interests in all European and Eurasian countries. 

Our experience in production, manufacturing and  cultural comprehension allows you to support most of  technical supplies areas.