Reinforcement Rollmesh


Roll Mesh is produced using Arm-tec SpinMaster (Denmark) machinery, a technology that does not use welding for reinforcement bar rolls. The non - welding technology allows Roll Mesh to be used without any restrictions in tunnels, bridges and other high high tension construction projects.

Production capabilities

Width: from 2,4 meters to 16 meters
Length: Optional (maximum length differs, from the diameter used)
Weight: Max weight per Roll up to 5 tons
Rebar diameters: from 8 mm to 32 mm
Options for different diameters and rebar lengths in one roll

Technical support

Production is certified by Globecert for Norway (NS3576-3:2009), Sweden (EN 10080:2005 + SS212540:2011) and Finland (SFS 1267:2008). Globecert assures that the production will be handled according to highest standards, material traceability and logistic standards. Tekla 3D BIM modeling and AutoCAD design are being used for roll out plan preparation. All of it is being handled by engineers and technical specialist.


Roll Mesh reduces the installation time by 80% because of simplified material handling. By using Roll Mesh substantial savings up to 25% can be made compared to loose rebars or welded steel mesh.