Prefabricated Welded Structures

Wire cage welding with MBK (Germany) machinery and certified handmade processing for producing round, square, oval wire cages for the concrete pipe industry, round reinforcements for poles, pillars and columns for the construction industry.

Cage diameter: up to 5200 mm
Line wire diameter: 8 – 50 mm
Winding wire diameter: 5 – 14 mm
Length: up to 12000 mm

Grade / Standard:
A500HW / SFS1215, SFS 1268, SFS1202, SFS1216
K500BT, K500CT / SS EN 10080, SS EN 212540
B500NB, B500NC / NS 3576:2, NS 3576:3
B500B, B550B, B500C / EN10080, DS-INF165