Rebar Cutting And Bending

Rebar cutting and bending with Pedax (Germany), Schnell (Italy) machinery for automatic processing from coils and for handmade processing from straight bars allows to offer full range of cut & bend rebars according to your needs.

Bars diameter: 8, 10, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32 mm
Bundle weight: 0.5t., 1t., 1.5t., 2t.2.5t., 3t. (according to requirements)
Marking: with automatic labeling system (according to requirements)

Grade / Standard:
A500HW / SFS1215, SFS 1268, SFS1202, SFS1216
K500BT, K500CT / SS EN 10080, SS EN 212540
B500NB, B500NC / NS 3576:2, NS 3576:3
B500B, B550B, B500C / EN10080, DS-INF165