Quality testing

Test laboratory with Zwick (Germany) machinery for finished product testing. We use technology from Zwick GMBH and CO, who is the world’s leading supplier of materials testing machines. With factory owned machinery we perform:

Tensile tests - the on-specimen strain measurement required for precise determination of the yield point is performed using the Macro extensometer, which records the strain up to break reliably with no detrimental effects to itself.

Flexure tests - hydraulic testing machines and flexure test kits according to the standards. If required two test areas can be installed on electro - mechanical testing machines and used for flexure and tensile tests.

Shear tests - the weld points of reinforcing mats and lattices are tested for shearing. This involves removing specimens from welded mats and lattices and placing them in special close-fitting specimen grips. Specimen grips used for this type of test must be accurately matched to the diameter and position of the ribbed wires in order not to influence the shearing loads.

Fatigue tests - reinforcing steels are required by standard to have a defined fatigue strength, which must be verified. These fatigue tests are most quickly and economically performed using resonance pulsators. Testing is performed at optimum application up to 600 kN. Specimens can have a diameter up to 36 mm.