Quality policy

Company quality policy consists of Good Manufacturing Practice and Unified Business Management System. B GROUP is certified for Cut & Bend and Re-bundling from Globecert for NorwaySweden and Finland.

B GROUP strictly follows Code of conduct and goes beyond that.

We are responsible to use good judgment when developing our quality system and apply those sections of the everyday Good Manufacturing Practice, which consists of:
• personnel training and qualification
• controlling the product
• controlling documentation
• controlling purchasing
• product identification and traceability at all stages of production
• controlling and defining production and process
• defining and controlling inspection, measuring and test equipment
• validating processes
• product acceptance
• instituting corrective and preventive action when errors occur
• labeling and packaging controls
• handling, storage, distribution and installation
• records
• servicing

Instalation of The Unified Business Management System covers a company-wide management system which integrates all process groups. It ensures the deliverables meet the expectations of the company employees, the customers, the owners, the state, and the society.
B GROUP targets the following major groups of business processes:
• Human Resources Management;
• Financial Management;
• Marketing and Sales;
• Project Management;
• Quality Management;
• IT Service Management;
• Security Management;
• Environmental Management.