Water jet cutting

As abrasive water jet cutting is the most widely used of all the industrial methods used for cutting sheet materials. Our used RESETO ACM 3060 ( Belgium) machinery allows to cut all materials – from the elastic, soft, porous to hard, heat-hardened or multi-layered materials, such as rubber, various plastics, wood, all metals, stone, ceramics, glass, composites, or multi-layered materials consisting of layers of different hardness. The biggest advantage of this method is that workpiece is not exposed to heat during cutting, and no new tensions are created in the cut area.

Water jet cutting machinery technical specification:
Maximum pressure: 4130 bar;
Number of cutting heads: 2;
Maximum workpiece dimensions: 3000 × 3000 mm;
Maximum cut thickness: 200 mm;
Cutting accuracy: +/-0.1 mm/m;
Repeatability: +/-0.1 mm/m;
Cutting speed: 0.5 ÷12,000 mm/min;
Positioning speed: 12,000 mm/min.