Cutting from coils

With IMEAS (Italy) machinery our CTL lines cut metal coils into sheets of non-standard length, or “baby coils”, up to 3-4 tons. Shearing machines are available both type. (Pneumatic clutch operated & Hydraulically operated). Straighter / Leveler machine rollers are made of Alloy Steels. Line speed up to 40 Meters per Minute. We can process surface critical material without marking. Shear mounted Stacking System produces perfectly square stacks of material.

Cutting line: 6 Hi LEVELLER FIMI
Thickness: 0.3 - 10.0 mm
Width: 300 - 2150 mm
Length: 400 - 6700
Max coil weight : 25 tons
Tolerance certificated : EN ISO 9445 and EN ISO 9444